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Welcome to Atlanta Vascular Specialists!

Atlanta Vascular Specialists has been a trusted name in vascular surgery for over 30 years. The Vascular Surgeons at Atlanta Vascular work hard to bring the very latest in vascular technology to residents in the Southern Arc.


"We stay on the forefront of the newest vascular treatments," explains Dr. Eric Wellons, a Newnan resident who loves living on the south side of Atlanta. "All of the treatments we offer are cutting edge. Our goal is to bring the most advanced treatments to people in the Southern Arc so they don't have to travel to Atlanta for treatment."

Our Physicians

The two physicians at Atlanta Vascular Specialists treat all varieties of vascular issues. They treat people suffering from varicose veins, aneurysms, strokes, poor circulation to lower extremities (PAD) and any type of disease related to the peripheral arteries. Although there are other vascular surgeons in the area, few specialize in as wide of a variety of treatments.


Many of the treatments Atlanta Vascular Specialists offer are minimally invasive and can be done in one of their offices or an outpatient setting. For example, radiofrequency ablation can help alleviate the swelling, discomfort and appearance of varicose veins. This in-office procedure, only takes about 30 minutes, involves minimal discomfort and allows patients to return to normal activities the next day. The AVS surgeons also perform outpatient angioplasty and stenting for circulation problems.

Facing vascular problems can be serious, and the compassionate doctors and staff at Atlanta Vascular Specialists are committed to supporting and treating their patients in a comforting and caring environment.